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ECOXGEAR is the leader in rugged, portable, dustproof and waterproof consumer electronics brand catering to the outdoor world.

ECOXGEAR's mission is to offer a variety of quality outdoor audio solutions for Automotive (4WD, SXS, Golf Cart), Marine (Boats, Jetski, Kayak), Outdoor parties, Fitness, Dancing, Jobsites, School Events, and overall outdoor enthusiasts.

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What Do People Love About Ecoxgear


Compared to our other speakers, our 100-watt speakers have a powerful booming sound that is unmatched.

It’s loud enough for crowded, outdoor events and will avoid any noise interference with its sound quality. These 100-watt speakers we offer are some of the best Bluetooth speakers in Australia.

The average lifespan of a Bluetooth speaker varies based on the make and model of the speaker. Usually, Bluetooth speakers can last for many years, depending on how carefully it is used and stored.

How frequently the speakers are being used will also determine how long it will last. We have the best Bluetooth speakers in Australia and they are made to last.

Modern Bluetooth speakers can remain plugged in for an extended period of time, and it’s completely safe.

Even if you want to recharge your Bluetooth speaker overnight, you do not need to worry about the speaker getting overcharged and damaging the battery. Like most modern Bluetooth speakers, our speakers are designed to disconnect after the charging cycle is complete.



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