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Buy Bluetooth Soundbars
For 4x4 Vehicles

Discover the suitable speaker that will make your
journey feel effortless and more enjoyable!

Buy Bluetooth Soundbars
For 4x4 Vehicles

Discover the suitable speaker that will make your
journey feel effortless and more enjoyable!

Enjoy a rugged and powerful portable Bluetooth speaker to pump out top-notch audio when you find yourself at the heart of any adventure.

Experience the freedom of the roads along with great beats—our soundbars are designed to fill the empty silence and encourage you to sing your favourite songs out loud.

Long drives with your loved ones will be made so much more memorable and adventurous with our soundbars installed in your 4x4

Why Choose Our Soundbars?

Our soundbars make for a great alternative to regular speakers as they come with multiple built-in speakers, and their slim design makes it easy to mount into your 4x4 vehicles.

They can also connect with other speakers and offer you an immersive surround sound experience.

With built-in subwoofers, enjoy booming sounds without the hassle of having to connect one to your speaker separately. Made for the outdoors, your soundbar can make your whole vehicle feel like a party on wheels, and if you need to hear the GPS directions or any alerts, these speakers got you covered on that as well.

Our Features

At ECOXGEAR, we guarantee durability and exceptional audio quality with our soundbars. Made with a plethora of features installed in our soundbars, such as 300-500 watts of peak power to provide you with soothing sounds no matter how long the drive, a LED lighting system to turn any dull drive into a chilled out drive-through, along with being dust, dirt and waterproof.

We allow you to experience audio like no other wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Our soundbars also come in a variety of styles, sizes, and specifications to meet your every music need. We also provide versatile mounting brackets that will help you mount your soundbar in different configurations.

They also come with a comprehensive twelve-month warranty. If you need any replacement parts, we do that for you too!


Soundbars definitely improve your audio and deliver the best audio quality. We also have a remote control to help adjust your soundbar. It also has more than one input option, we ensure that your drives are nothing short of memorable.

Being rugged in design makes these speakers more durable and resistant to damages in the long term.

Not only is this a smart investment, but also a great choice if you want a full-range sound without a separate subwoofer.

Its design allows you to easily adjust it in your 4x4 drives without much hassle.

This is a dedicated speaker and is a lot better at handling both ends of the volume spectrum and provides a better distinction between the highs, mids, and lows that any music lover would want to experience. With the soundbars get the full breadth of a more dynamic soundscape!

ECOXGEAR soundbars are made with IPX6 waterproof capabilities. This is a great advantage to have with your soundbar as it will be able to withstand water splashes, rain and any other water-related risks whilst offering you crisp, booming sounds.

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Our soundbar options for your 4x4

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