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EcoBoulderMAX McGrath Foundation Pink Soldout

EcoBoulderMAX McGrath Foundation Pink


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ECOXGEAR Pink special edition wireless speakers


In support of the important work undertaken by the McGrath Foundation, ECOXGEAR is excited to participate in the organisation’s Community Friends Partnership program. This initiative includes the release of four exclusive McGrath Foundation models of best-selling ECOXGEAR wireless speakers, featuring signature pink detail, with 10% of sales revenue going to help individuals and their families affected by breast cancer.

The EcoBoulder Max Bluetooth Speaker is 100% waterproof, submersible, and even floats. Let it sit outside in the rain or snow or drop it in a river - it keeps on playing. The EcoBoulder Max wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with up to 100ft of range. A simple touch of the EcoTalk button activates the built-in microphone connecting you with Siri or ok Google voice assistants. Includes AUX in & USB charge port, AM/FM radio with 5 presets. Up to 50 hours of Playtime/100 Hours Standby. Wirelessly connect up to 50 EcoBoulder Max's with EcoCast.



Tech Specs



  • 100% waterproof and dustproof. Meets IP67 international waterproof and dustproof standards.
  • Drop the EcoBoulder Max in your pool, lake or ocean, no worries – it floats.
  • 120-watts dynamic power amplifier for massive sound.
  • Tune the audio output to match your listening preference with 5 preset equalizer sound profiles.
  • 3-way speaker system w/ 8” full range main driver + 3” Tweeter + Oval passive subwoofer
  • Integrated microphone jack 1/4" (6.35 mm) for an external microphone
    for PA or karaoke. (External microphone not included.)
  • Includes 1/8” (3.5mm) auxiliary audio input jack to play from any wired audio source.
  • Digital AM/FM radio and save up to 5 of your favorite stations to 1 press presets.
  • ECOTALK: Microphone built in for Siri & Google support and speakerphone capability.
  • 5V, 2.1A USB port for fast portable device charging.
  • Back-lit buttons and large LED display for night viewing.
  • Oversized rugged wheels and telescoping handle for easy transport.
  • Play on standard AC wall power for continuous play. When using the integrated rechargeable battery you can enjoy up to 50+ hours of playtime at typical listening levels (10+ hours at max volume levels and up to 100 hours on standby or very low volume levels).
  • Bluetooth 5.0 streams audio wirelessly from up to 30m (100 feet) away via your Smartphone, tablet or any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • EcoCast Pair up to 50 EcoBoulder Max ’s together at a distance up to 30 feet between the two speakers and be completely immersed in sound.EcoCast speakers cannot connect to EcoConnect enabled speakers.

Size & Weight

  • Length:  29.2cm
  • Width:   39.8cm
  • Height:  48.3cm
  • Weight:  12.2kg

Input & Outputs

  • 5V USB out 2.1 A
  • 110-230V, 50-60Hz AC IN
  • Aux In (3.5mm)
  • External Mic Jack 1/4" (6.35 mm)


  • SLA Rechargeable Battery
  • Up to 50 hours playtime at normal volume levels.
  • Fully re-charges in 7-8 hours.


Is the EcoBoulder Max waterproof & can the EcoBoulder Max be used in water?

YES. The EcoBoulder Max meets the IPX7 waterproof standard. The EcoBoulder Max can be used in the pool, the hot tub and the ocean without issues. Batten down the hatches and play your tunes worry free! Plus, the EcoBoulder Max floats! (Be careful, the charging caps and waterproof compartment must be closed properly to keep the EcoBoulder Max watertight.)

What is IPX7?

The IPX7 Waterproof Standard means that the product is protected against water immersion. ECOXGEAR tests all their products by submerging them in AT LEAST 3 feet of water. This means that our products, including the EcoBoulder Max can withstand use in the water. Be careful of other products that claim to be waterproof but are only IPX5 or less. They will leak and sink to the bottom of the pool under the fun conditions above.

Does the EcoBoulder Max work with any Bluetooth enabled Device?

The EcoBoulder Max waterproof speaker connects to any device that uses Bluetooth connectivity for audio. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Smartphones are all compatible! All Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices are sure to be compatible.

How far can the EcoBoulder Max be away from my Bluetooth device?

The connectivity for the EcoBoulder+ is designed and tested to far exceed 30 feet (up to 100ft) from your Bluetooth device. Walls, leaded glass windows and metal studs inside the drywall will affect the range operation.

The sound is distorted, how can it be improved?

Try lowering the volume control of your connected device or musical instrument. Also, try to reduce the overall volume of the EcoBoulder Max.

The EcoBoulder Max will not pair With Bluetooth Device?

Make sure that your device is compatible with Bluetooth. Turn off your EcoBoulder Max and Bluetooth device, then power on and reconnect. Make sure that Bluetooth mode is selected on your EcoBoulder Max.

I plugged in a microphone into the MIC port on the EcoBoulder Max and it is not working?

The MIC port on the EcoBoulder Max is for use with dynamic microphones only (please check to ensure the microphone you are using is dynamic and not condenser type).

The AM/FM reception is poor, how can I improve it?

To adjust AM/FM reception, move entire product. To improve FM reception, do not use USB charging ports and unplug from AC power.

Water is draining from bottom of unit, should I be concerned?

Holes in the base of the EcoBoulder Max speaker are designed to allow excess water run-off to drain away from the speaker. Water draining from this area is normal and safe.

Volume level is low when playing, how do I make it louder?

First, increase the volume on your device to maximum. Next increase the volume on the EcoBoulder Max by pressing the Volume + button. If increasing the volume on theEcoBoulder Max and / or increasing the volume on your Bluetooth device does not work, the EcoBoulder Max may be in Power Save Mode.

Which is the best party speaker?

If you’re looking for the best party speakers in Australia, you’ll want a waterproof party speaker with plenty of modern features like good battery life, support from the latest version of Bluetooth, and a sturdy, portable design so that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

A great party speaker will give you great quality audio and a booming sound that’ll light up any outdoor party!

How many watts is loud enough for a party?

If you’re going to start a raving party, you’ll want your speakers to be as loud as possible! Wattage, however, is not a good indicator of how loud the party speaker will be, it’s simply there to tell you how much power it can handle. For example, a 200W speaker could be as loud as a 500W one.

That being said, the best party speakers in Australia should be more than loud enough for a party.

What is the loudest party speaker?

The loudest speaker we have is none other than the EcoBoulder+. This is a waterproof party speaker and it offers a booming sound which is great for any outdoor party! 

This speaker also features EcoConnect, which allows it to pair up with other speakers, giving you a louder stereo sound. This is one of the best party speakers we have and you’ll be the envy of any party-goer when you have one of these! 

What should I look for when buying a party speaker?

A modern party speaker does more than just play music—they have a wide array of features to boot. Here’s what you need to look out for when buying one:


The speaker should be easy to carry around and strong and durable enough to be taken everywhere, like the beach.

Sound quality

Sound quality is extremely important for any speaker. The perfect party speaker should have crisp and clear audio, and be loud enough for a party of at least 50 people.

How can you check the quality of a speaker?

Check the sound quality

Play some music on the speaker and check how it handles the sounds of different instruments. A good quality speaker will let you hear small details that you never heard before in a song, like background instruments.

Crackly noises are a sign that the speaker is of poor quality.

Check the build quality

Give the speaker a light tap. If it sounds hollow, the audio quality, let alone the durability, might not be very good. A good speaker should feel solid.

Check the water/dustproof rating

Make sure the speaker has a water/dustproof rating of at least IP68.

How do I choose a party speaker?

Choosing the right party speaker depends on what you’re expecting from it and what you’ll be using it for. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How often will I use it?
  • Where will I be taking it?
  • What other features do I want aside from sound quality?
  • Do I want to use it at home too?
  • How long do I want to play music?

Once you’ve painted a picture of what you truly want, you’ll be on your way to picking out the ideal speaker

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