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ExtremeStrip 2/4 Seat Golf Cart Underglows

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SoundExtreme ExtremeStrip 2/4 Seat Golf Cart Underglows RGBIC Multi-Colour LED Light Strips is a 12V LED vehicle accent lighting kit to create breathtaking lighting effects on your vehicle. IP66-rated waterproof, dustproof and LEDCast Compatible.

Elevate your 2/4 seater golf car experience with our waterproof and UV-protected LED strip. Featuring full RGB spectrum LEDs, this kit allows you to create breathtaking lighting effects. With the included remote, you can effortlessly customize colours, adjust brightness, and select dynamic lighting modes. Designed for easy installation and built to withstand the elements, our kit ensures durability even in challenging outdoor conditions.

The Extreme Strips must be controlled by a SoundExtreme product with LEDCast technology (sold separately).

Key Features

  • Compatible with: SoundExtreme Elite SE28, SoundExtreme Elite SEB28, SoundExtreme Elite SEDS33, Extreme LEDCast Controller with 4 Zones, Marine Din Radio, and Marine Guage Radio.
  • Not Compatible with generic LED Controllers.
  • Millions of Colours: Solid, Fading, jumping, chasing, speed and variable brightness.
  • There are 3 LED Mode categories (Colour, Party, and Music LED Mode categories) Colour Mode: 8 Preset / Party Mode: 20 Preset / Music Mode: 16 Preset (Total: 44 Preset) (The SoundExtreme app can support many more Colour Modes)
  • SERIAL CONNECT MULTIPLE LED SECTIONS – to cut installation time by 75% and so you don’t have to buy extra hardware as you would have to do when LED sections are parallel connected.
  • Waterproof LED strips and rugged UV protected endcap connectors
  • 3M tape preinstalled on strips and screw mounts for end caps

Size & Weight

  • Length: 2 x 61cm & 6 x 30.5cm Long LED Strips + Interconnect Cables (TTL: 9.1m)
  • Weight: 0.62kg

What's in the box

  • 2 x 61cm underglow led strips for side of the undercarriage
  • 4 x 30.5cm underglow led strips for wheels wells
  • 2 x 30.5cm underglow led strips for front and back of the undercarriage
  • 3 x 15.2cm Interconnect Cables
  • 2 x 30.5cm interconnect Cables
  • 2 x 45.7cm interconnect Cables
  • 1 x 182.9cm long Control Cable
  • Mounting Screws
  • Zip Ties


  • 2.6A (12V Power Supply)

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