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Get an awesome prize!

Collect four puzzle pieces and we’ll send you a free EcoPebble Lite.

When you purchase a new ECOXGEAR product, be sure to check for a special Thank You card included in your package when it arrives. At the back of the card, you’ll find a puzzle piece.

Collect four puzzle pieces, check them each for a special code, and we’ll send a free EcoPebble Lite your way! !


  1. You’ll receive one Thank You card with each of your ECOXGEAR purchases, and each card will have one puzzle piece.
  2. Find four pieces that fit together, but do not cut out the pieces.
  3. Check each puzzle piece for a code, and enter all four codes on the form below along with an image of the puzzle pieces.

EcoPebble Lite

The EcoPebble Lite is a rugged little portable Bluetooth speaker with a lot of attitude. It’s mountable and boasts an impressive seven hours of battery life when fully charged and is excellent for camping, pool parties and other outdoor events!

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions about this special offer.

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