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Here’s why you should shop at our outlet store

The ECOXGEAR quality

Rest assured knowing all ECOXGEAR refurbished products go through rigorous testing and internal and external cleaning to ensure they meet our industry-leading quality control standards.

Choose sustainability

Make your contribution to reducing carbon emissions and E-waste by getting your hands on refurbished, pre-loved items from ECOXGEAR. You do your part by the environment when you shop with us.

Mint condition

All certified refurbished items go through thorough, professional repairs and cleaning to ensure they are as good as new. You will always feel like your item is fresh, functional, and fancy.

You get it all

All certified outlet store items come in brand-new packaging complete with all the accessories you need to enjoy your music, movies and audio without any performance or quality issues.

Warranty protection

Our commitment to offering you the best quality means every single ECOXGEAR outlet product is covered under the same industry-leading warranty scheme just like our brand-new products.

Please note our warranty is only applicable for ECOXGEAR-certified refurbished products purchased directly from our online outlet store.

Save more

You can now enjoy the same, exceptional quality you enjoy with brand-new products when you purchase refurbished products at our outlet store. Take it easy on your wallet without compromising on quality!

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